Uploading Images, Videos, and Files

If your miniapp involves allowing users to upload files (image, video, audio, etc.) please note that we use Firebase for our miniapp file upload and storage.

Setting up Firebase locally

Open up a new terminal at your Miniapp Builder SDK directory and run the following command:

firebase emulators:start

If you're experiencing problems, make sure the firebase Section of your local Index.tsx matches the Miniapp Builder SDK.

Testing file uploads

The Miniapp Builder SDK provides a nearly identical FileUploadComponent to the one we use on the production version of Seam.

To use it, just import the FileUploadComponent in your edit modal. Check out the VideoBlock or ImageBlock as an example. The strategy is 1) use the upload component to upload, and then 2) store the URL in your block. TADA! You're done, that's all you need to upload any file! Try it with audio files, pdfs, videos, ect. Have fun!

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